What We Provide

We at Ping IT Services take pride in creating customized IT solutions for nearly any application. In the private sector, we help small and medium-sized businesses create secure and productive digital environments that enable their strategic success. In the public sector, we provide government and defense agencies with advanced, cost-effective solutions to meet urgent mission needs.


Commercial Services

No business exists today without a digital environment. From individual computers to enterprise network architectures, the complexity of the technology that supports even the smallest businesses can be confusing, expensive, and time-consuming to support. Our passion at Ping IT Services is to take all of that workload off of you, so you can focus on providing value to your clients and customers.

We start by listening. It’s tempting for any expert in their field to think they know what their clients need when they walk in the door. Many IT companies do just that: offer you pre-packaged products and services that aren’t made for you, and probably don’t suit your unique needs. But we’ve learned that the most productive partnerships are formed by common understanding. We’ll take the time to find out where you are now, where you want to be, and how you envision getting there. Then we create and explain our plan to help you reach those goals, taking into account your time, budget, and preferences.

Our service doesn’t stop when we hand you the digital keys, either. We’re on-call to provide support, training, upgrades, and expansions as your business grows and matures. Click the link above for a more information on the specific services we provide, or contact us today to get started.


Government Services

Every IT deployment is unique, but government operations come with additional layers of complexity. From security and compliance requirements, to hardware and software sourcing restrictions, to navigating seemingly endless bureaucratic structures, you need a technology partner who understands how to get things done in spite of it all. Most important, you need your requirements met on time and on budget.

Ping IT Services has decades of combined experience meeting the needs of local, state, and federal agencies. We’ve helped school systems modernize their infrastructure, created wireless systems for municipalities, and helped the Department of Defense deliver superior capability to the warfighter in the field. We’ve assembled a team with remarkable breadth and depth of experience in a dozen different industries, and our small size allows us to bring all that experience to bear against each new challenge.

In short, we’re the company you call when other firms have told you it can’t be done. If your program needs cutting-edge IT solutions without the hassle of dealing with yet another faceless corporate monolith, contact us today.